AMC Architects was founded in 2011 by the association of the most successful young professionals in the field of design and construction.

The World socio-economic changes are transforming the working attitudes and the relationship between client and professionals. The need for more and more multidisciplinary and flexible working have imposed an adjustment of the operating structures up to a complete change of the old concept of architectural practice.
Today AMC Architects offers itself as a network of professionals, heterogeneous disciplines and specializations, with further diversification of geographical origin for a wider horizon of commercial offer.

The use of all the resources of the most advanced computer technology, both in software and hardware development and sharing on a network, AMC Architects put the latest technology and offer assistance.

AMC Architects because of its multi-valence is able to independently undertake projects and research at both macro-scale and locally.
The fields of application are varied: masterplan and urban design, residential and office design, interior design and industrial design.

AMC Architects 2014.

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